Factors Influencing Patients’ Perception Regarding Post-Mastectomy Breast Reconstruction

Factors Influencing Patients’ Perception Regarding Post-Mastectomy Breast Reconstruction


  • Noor us Sehar
  • Neha Tahir
  • Muhammad Munim Bin Rafique
  • Muhammad Muaz Mushtaq
  • Pakeeza Saif
  • Muhammad Moneeb Khawar
  • Muhammad Muneeb Anwar
  • Nida Muzzafar Khan
  • Nimra Aslam
  • Muhammad Mustafa Imran
  • Faiza Aziz
  • Saira Tariq
  • Muhammad Tufail


Breast reconstruction, Breast cancer, Mastectomy.


Background: Carcinoma Breast is prevalent cancer in females, with mastectomy being a common treatment. However, mastectomy can negatively impact body image, sexual function, and mental health. Breast reconstruction (BR) can help mitigate these effects and improve body image and self-esteem. Objectives: To determine the perception and degree of awareness of patients regarding BR. To identify the factors that affected patients' decisions to undergo BR. Design: Cross-sectional study. Setting and Participants: Sixty female breast cancer patients admitted to the West Surgery Department of Mayo hospital (KEMU) Lahore, Pakistan, were included by consecutive sampling. A validated tool - Scale for Motive for and against Breast Reconstruction and a predesigned questionnaire were used for the collection of data through interviews. SPSS (v 26.0) was used for its analysis. Results: Altogether, 60 patients were included, of whom 14 (23.3%) were willing to undergo BR. Those who desired BR were younger (38 vs. 50 years, p=0.001), and highly educated (p = 0.001). The main reasons to undergo BR were to physically look as before mastectomy (Mdn 6; IQR 5–6) and desire to have breast symmetry (Mdn 5.5; IQR 5–6) while the main deterrent was fear of negative outcomes of the BR procedure (Mdn 6; IQR 5–6.25). Conclusion: Younger, more educated patients were more likely to desire breast reconstruction. Misinformation and misconceptions about the procedure deterred some patients. Educating patients about the options could increase the number of those choosing BR.




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Sehar, N. us, Tahir, N., Rafique, M. M. B., Mushtaq, M. M., Saif, P., Khawar, M. M., Anwar, M. M., Khan, N. M., Aslam, N., Imran, M. M., Aziz, F., Tariq, S., & Tufail, M. (2022). Factors Influencing Patients’ Perception Regarding Post-Mastectomy Breast Reconstruction. Journal of Society of Prevention, Advocacy and Research KEMU, 1(3). Retrieved from https://journalofspark.com/journal/index.php/JSpark/article/view/119



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