The Prevalence of Colorectal Cancer Screening in South Asia

The Prevalence of Colorectal Cancer Screening in South Asia


  • Tehniat Fatima
  • Suchna Khan
  • Sunaina Tariq
  • Syeda Batool Zahra
  • Tayyaba Amjad
  • Rehan Naseer
  • Roshaan Ahmad
  • Saad Sohail
  • Saeed Ahmad


Colorectal cancer screening, Colonoscopy, South Asia, Sigmoidoscopy, Facal occult blood test, name of each south Asia country separately



Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the third most commonly diagnosed concer around the world with expanding frequency and mortality rotes in Asia. In 2018, Asia had the highest rate (51.8%) and mortality (52.4%) of CRC cases (all sexes and aces) per 100,000 population. (l) Screening-based detection of colon cancer has decidedly improved patient survival over recent years. However, patients face multiple hindrances in the way of early screening and diagnosis such as lack of awareness, fear of unfavorable outcome and various socioreligious factors.2) Fecal occult blood test ,flexible sigmoidoscopy and colonos- copy ore recommended options for colorectal cancer screening in Asia. This systematic review aimed to identify prevalence of CRC screening in Asia so that the burden of this disease may be determined




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Fatima, T., Khan, S., Tariq, S., Zahra, S. B., Amjad, T., Naseer, R., Ahmad, R., Sohail, S., & Ahmad, S. (2023). The Prevalence of Colorectal Cancer Screening in South Asia. Journal of Society of Prevention, Advocacy and Research KEMU, 2(1). Retrieved from



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