Incidence and Causes of Discharging Ear after Mastoid Exploration

Incidence and Causes of Discharging Ear after Mastoid Exploration


  • Bakht Aziz
  • Maryam Umar
  • Sajjad Akram
  • Atiq U Rehman
  • Jawad Ahmad
  • M.A. Khurram Shahzad



Chronic ear diseases, Mastoid exploration, post-operative ear discharge, Surgical techniques, Microbiological profile


Background: Chronic ear diseases, common in developing countries, often require mastoid exploration, leading to post-operative ear discharge. This study, conducted at ENT Unit I of Jinnah Hospital (November 2022 to November 2023), investigates postoperative ear discharge incidences across different mastoid exploration techniques. Objective: This cross-sectional study conducted at ENT Unit I of Jinnah Hospital, Lahore, from November 2022 to November 2023 aimed to investigate the incidence of post-operative ear discharge following different mastoid exploration techniques. The study sought to establish associations between surgical techniques and post-operative outcomes, including the nature of discharge and causative organisms.– Methods: A sample of 18 ears, systematically divided into three groups based on the surgical technique. The groups included Cortical Mastoidectomy (Group A), Radical Mastoidectomy (Group B), and Modified Radical Mastoidectomy (Group C). Purposive sampling was employed, and data were collected from patient records, including demographic information, surgical
techniques, and culture results of ear discharge samples. Statistical analysis, including chi-square tests and Fisher's exact tests, was conducted to determine associations, with a significance level set at 0.05 Results: Incidence rates for Groups A, B, and C were 66.67%, 100%, and 54.55%, resulting in an overall incidence of 55.17% Microbiological analysis revealed prevalent causative organisms, including Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus. Statistical analysis confirmed a significant association between surgical technique and outcomes. Conclusion: The study underscores the significance of tailoring mastoid exploration techniques to minimize post-operative ear discharge. Understanding the microbiological profile enhances targeted interventions for better patient outcomes.


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Aziz, B., Umar, M., Akram, S., Rehman, A. U., Ahmad, J., & Shahzad, M. K. (2024). Incidence and Causes of Discharging Ear after Mastoid Exploration. Journal of Society of Prevention, Advocacy and Research KEMU, 3(1), 66–70.



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