Quality of Life Among Cancer Survivors in South Asia

Quality of Life Among Cancer Survivors in South Asia


  • Tahreem Rauf
  • Mah Noor
  • Muhammad Saeed Afridi
  • Ushna Saad
  • Shahzaib Khaliq
  • Mahnoor Khan




Quality of life, cancer survivors, South Asian countries


Background: Cancer survivorship has increased in South Asia, negatively impacting their health and wellbeing in terms of mental, social, emotional, physical, and economic well-being. Several factors, including sociodemographic, clinical, treatment-related, behavioral, and psychosocial aspects, all have an substantial effect on of QOL of cancer survivors. Our aim is to determine QOL among cancer survivors in South Asia, challenges faced by cancer survivors, factors enhancing and deteriorating QOL, and measures that can be taken to improve QOL. Method: We conducted a systematic literature review and systematically assessed the literature to identify relevant research about South Asian cancer survivors' quality of life in English only. We searched two databases (Google Scholar, and PubMed), In each of which we searched and selected all the articles and research having the keywords: Cancer survivors, quality of life, and South Asia. After reading the abstract and titles of the study, we read full articles and retrieved data according to PRISMA. The data extracted was compiled through Microsoft Excel. No meta-analysis and quantitative syntheses were done. Results: A total of 20 articles were identified. Of which 60% showed a negative effect on various domains of QOL of cancer survivors in South Asian countries. Most common factors identified were chemotherapy and effects of low of self-esteem, sexual dysfunction, limb impairment and physical restriction. Only 10 % of reviewed articles (2 articles) did not show a decline in QOL in cancer survivors. Conclusion: It has been found that there is a general detrimental influence on the quality living of cancer sufferers in this part of the world. Given the grave consequences, awareness must be raised to combat such dire circumstances and alleviate the overall quality care.


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Rauf, T., Noor, M., Afridi, M. S., Saad, U., Khaliq, S., & Khan, M. (2024). Quality of Life Among Cancer Survivors in South Asia. Journal of Society of Prevention, Advocacy and Research KEMU, 3(1), 59–65. https://doi.org/10.21649/jspark.v3i1.405



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